There are 2 important SEO factors that almost every website on the planet is ignoring… BOUNCE RATE and TIME ON SITE.

These are 2 factors Google considers important when ranking your site.

Problem : A site with a high bounce rate and low time on site is considered of low quality by Google and therefore it is ranked lower.

Industry leaders like Mashable and RocketFuel tell us that most sites on the internet have over 50% visitors that just bounce off after visiting one page…

Thats a high bounce rate! Not to forget – losing 50% of your traffic is HUGE! You need to stop losing traffic (& money) like that.

But there’s a solution : Check out ZERO BOUNCE WordPress plugin 

This plugin lets you redirect bouncing visitors to another page of your site (with the most popular content maybe)

That lowers your bounce rate instantly AND increases time spent on your site. Both these factors make Google happy, make your site look high quality and get rewarded by ranking higher. Isn’t that something you want for your website?

You can even redirect these bouncing visitors to affiliate offers or a landing page if you want to. You work hard to get traffic to your site – I know that. It’s expensive if that traffic is coming from PPC ads.

Don’t let all that money and hard work go to waste. You need to fix this problem asap…

Go Take a look at ZEROBOUNCE WordPress plugin

It uses a new ninja technology to help you improve your site’s SEO and help you rank higher. No other plugin can do this – very unique solution. It’s at 70% off for the next few hours.

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