Congratulations! If you put together a squeeze page, you have overcome a lot of obstacles. Chances are, you have overcome the tendency to “build it and they will come”. Chances are, you have done some audience research. You probably have put in the time to know where your audience members are and what their needs are.

This is all great and everything and if done well, it’s manifested in a smooth squeeze page paired with amazing updates. With that said, there is a missing piece here. You may have put together the most amazing mousetrap in the world that would work like the problem but a charm is, for that trap to work, it needs mice. You can put together the best machine in the world but for it to work, it needs an energy source. You have to pump a consumable input into it for it to do its job.

Thankfully, there are six free ways to get traffic for your squeeze page. Utilize these traffic sources properly and you can turn free traffic into cold hard cash in your bank account.


People from all over the world ask all sorts of questions and people from all over the world answer those questions. If people ask questions regarding your niche, you just swoop in there and offer credible information that would draw attention to a piece of content on your blog which then has a link to your squeeze page. Don’t just drop the link to your squeeze page.


YouTube Comments

There are lots of videos in YouTube that cover all sorts of niches. Chances are you will find a video that is either directly related to it or somewhat related if you search for your niche on YouTube. Look for videos that have a lot of views but don’t have too many comments. This increases your likelihood that people will see your comment. When commenting, do not drop a link. Chances are, your comment will get removed if you do that. Your account might even get banned. To get around this problem, I do the exact same thing I do with Yahoo! Answers. I just instruct people to do a Google search for my top-ranking terms.

Facebook Page Promoted Via Facebook Groups

Facebook pages enable you to catch the eyeballs of your fans and followers when you post an update. For this to happen, you have to have enough Facebook likes because not everybody who likes your page would see your updates.

To get this user base going, post a lot of content on your Facebook fan page and then go to Facebook groups that are related to your page, interact with the people there, become credible, become some sort of authority and then start sharing links from your Facebook page. People can click the like button and the number of fans you have on your page can go up if you do this properly.

Share Content That Promotes Your Squeeze Page Link on Facebook Groups

It’s always a bad idea to post a direct link to your squeeze page on Facebook groups. You may be able to get away with this every once in a while but the more groups you market to, the greater the risk you run. You have to understand that a lot of marketers would love it if they can shut you down. They think that the more of their competitors they can put under, the more traffic they can get. That’s how they think.

Don’t give them a reason to report your account and let me tell you, sharing content that consists of nothing but your squeeze page link will put you in hot water. If not now, then soon enough. Don’t do it. There is really no other way around this. Just don’t do it.

When they click the link, they can see the content and on the side or in the body of the content itself is an invitation to join your squeeze page. Promoting your squeeze page on Facebook groups this way is perfectly acceptable.

Use Third-Party Content and Autorotate This Content on Twitter

There are many tools that you can use to publish on Twitter. By using these publication tools, your tweets will get sent on time every time.

You should get a lot of third-party content that talks about your niche and helps people with your niche. By “your own content”, I mean content that has links to your squeeze page in addition to valuable content in the main blog post or page.

Market on Forums

This is the best way to build a solid brand because people would start wondering about your brand. People would start talking about your brand. You can ask people to Google your top keywords so they can end up on your website.

By using the seven free traffic sources above, you can experiment your squeeze page to maximize its conversion rate. You can also validate different traffic sources so you can zero in on specific traffic channels that produce the best return on investment.


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