WordPress is great, but it’s not perfect.

With so many themes, plugins and developers, stuff goes wrong.
Some themes crash your site when you install the wrong plugin
Others slow your site down to a crawl, costing you valuable conversions.
These are things you can’t afford to happen to your sites.

Which is why I’m excited to introduce you to MOTO THEME V3

= > It’s the LAST WP theme you’ll ever need!

Critically important is the fact that the team behind MOTO has been developing WP themes for 10 years the lead developer has an elite rating on Theme Forest.

Meaning this has been thoroughly tested & works right out of the box.

Now to the goodies just a few highlights of what’s inside:

• – 75 stunning layouts to quickly create ANY type of site you wish INCLUDING eCom stores, blogs, video blogs, lead pages, sales pages, offline stores / services and SO MUCH MORE

• – True drag & drop customization – customize any layout in minutes

• – NO CODING or technical skills required.

• – LIGHTNING fast each layout ranks on the A scale for speed by GTmetrix

• – Multi language support

• – Fully mobile responsive

• – Subscription-plan ready (yup, you can create membership sites with this)

• – Direct integration with 12 leading autoresponders

• – MULTIPLE conversion elements included: video popus, video bars, countdown timers and more

• – Social sharing built-in to maximize your free traffic

= > If you use WordPress, MOTO THEME is going to be your new best friend.

As marketers, we often spend so much time on traffic that we forget about optimizing the sites we send it to.

This is a HUGE, often VERY EXPENSIVE mistake.

Here’s why.

Whether you’re paying for traffic or using free methods, visitors only convert when your websites do their job.
There’s the obvious stuff – sites that look great, have clean layouts, and showcase your content and offers to best advantage.

Then there’s the stuff we sometimes forget: SPEED, functionality, and incredible user experience.
Too many times we PAY to drive traffic to sites that just don’t convert.It’s time to change that.

= > Fix YOUR website traffic problems now!

MOTO THEME is a powerful, multi-purpose WordPress site builder that ensures YOUR sites are optimized for traffic and conversions.

Each of the 75 included layouts gets an A from GTmetrix for speed they load fast so your visitors quickly see what they’re looking for.

The templates have been professionally created by a team of experts with over 10 years experience developing WP themes they look great and are BUILT to convert.

• – Customize anything with drag and drop ease
• – Add video & images effortlessly WITHOUT your site slowing down
Built-in navigation & menus make it easy & FUN for your users to surf your pages and spend more time on site.
• – With MOTO THEME, youll get higher SEO scores
• – MORE viral traffic with all the social media integrations
• – While maximizing conversions with ultra-fast sites.

Plenty more inside so if you’re ready to convert as much of your traffic into profits as possible:

= > MOTO THEME It’s the LAST WP theme you’ll ever need!

 Take a closer look here !