Do you ever feel that the man you like or even love, just doesn’t see you or desire you in way you want him to?


Or… maybe you’re able to get a man’s attention though not the right kind of attention?


Or… maybe you’re still single because you wait and wait for men to approach you first?


What you may not know is that the way we flirt will either attract the “wrong” man for us or the “right” man.


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Most often the way we flirt is subconscious, or perhaps you’re aware of how you flirt though despite

you’re best efforts it doesn’t seem to be working for you.


It doesn’t matter if you want love or just some “fun” with a man… the way you flirt will indicate to him,

like a neon light, whether you’re a woman he wants to “play” with or introduce to his family.


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Also, sometimes we way we flirt is so subtle that a man misses the signals and nothing happens. You like him, though he can’t tell so you miss the boat.


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Have you ever met a really cute guy at a party or bar, he approaches you, you chat, he smiles at you and laughs, you think he’s about to ask you for your number, BUT no… he says goodbye and never comes over to talk to you again.


Or… you meet a guy at the supermarket, he asks you for his number, you think he’s keen, and he is, though his first text message is suggestive or he asks you over to his place and not on a real date…


You thought he may have really LIKED YOU, though it appears as though he just wants you for some FUN between the sheets.


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Flirting is so powerful and the way you flirt will indicate  to a man what you’re looking for and whether he sees you as a woman for “fun” or love.


If you’re just looking for some “fun times” with a man then this report will help you too (not everyone is looking for love).  Or if you’re in a relationship and the passion has fizzled then this report will work for you too.