If you have been involved with internet marketing for more than a couple of days, you have already heard this song…

“In order to make money online you need to build a list!”

Everyone have been singing this for years, simply because it was true… But is that still the case?

It’s hard to build a list these days, people have gotten a lot more cautious about handing out their email address. All the recent regulation like GDPR doesn’t help either.

If you actually manage to get some people on a list the stats are abysmal these days, open rates are in single digits and the click through rate is usually a fraction of a percent.

So what do we do, should we stop list building?


But you need to do it in a smarter way and Luke Maguire has just figured out exactly how to do that.

Imagine consistently getting an 80% open rate and over 10% click through rate – such numbers have not been seen since the first email was sent!

Yet, this is exactly what Luke has been able to achieve with his new creation; INBOXR It moves your list building away from boring old emails and on to social media like Twitter and Facebook… and it even automates most of the process.

Inboxr is going to level the playing field and quickly let you catch up to the old school email gurus…

But you only have a short window of opportunity, because you can bet your bottom dollar that the big dogs are going to be all over this soon…

The potential is simply too big for them, or YOU to pass this up.

Be one of the first movers and ride the profit wave – watch this video to learn more