EU’s GDPR laws are in effect now and you have only two choices.

1. Be complaint, or
2. Turn away EU traffic

I know the compliance requirements could be scaring you right now, but they shouldn’t.
There are ways that will make your journey very easy.

This WordPress plugin for instance : WP GDPR Fix,


This is WP GDPR Fix, a new plugin that will help you become compliant for GDPR really

Yep, it takes care of the 7 key requirements of GDPR compliance

– Cookie consent & management
– Terms & Conditions policy
– Privacy Policy
– Right to be forgotten requirement
– Data access requirement
– Data breach notification requirement
– Data rectification system

Yes, it gives you a powerful interface to take care of all these key requirements as soon as
you plug it in.

So listen… If you don’t want to spend a pile of money on developers to get GDPR
compliance on your website, this plugin is your biggest friend.

With it on your blog you might have saved days or even weeks, and thousands of dollars in
creating the same system manually.

Here’s how it work

Step #1 : Install the plugin on your site and activate it to instantly get access to all the 7
GDPR key compliance requirements.

The plugin tells you exactly what you need to do to be compliant.

Step #2 : All you do now is turn on each compliance measure, implement your custom
message if you want. You can tweak anything you wish.

That’s it!

No other plugin or software covers GDPR the way WP GDPR Fix does, and absolutely
nothing makes it as simple as WP GDPR Fix.

Your business is important. Don’t risk it by ignoring real problems.

Check out WP GDPR Fix and find out how easy GDPR compliance can be.